Points awarded strictly in order taken from howdidido

1st –  10 points,  2nd –  7 points,  3rd –  5 points,  4th –  4 points,  5th –  3 points,   6th – 2 points, 7th – 1 point

*** If someone moves between Silver and Bronze and has gained points in both categories, both totals will be held until the end of the season.  The points gained in the category she is in as at 30th September will count towards that Order of Merit.



25 points  Moira Macleod

24 Points   Ann Shanks

21 points   Caroline King

17 points   Lorna McClymont

16 points   Anna Telfer

14 points  Katy MacAulay

10 points    Nanette Mutrie, Sophie Murphy

8 points    Karen Maxwell, Josephine Monaghan

7 points   Lindsay McCubbin,  Lynne MacDonald, Margaret Nicolson

6 points  Lynn McColl

5 points    Vicky Hendren, Rona Agnew, Karen Haggarty

4 points   Carol Sim, Olive Spicer, Lana MacDonald

3 points    Lorraine Campbell,  Joyce Tait, Marion Mason

2 points   Enid Young, Eleanor Fennor,  Margo Rees

1 point   Margaret Stewart,  Liz McLean



20 points  Shaeen Ahmen, Betty Davin

15 points    Hilary Russell, Barbara Cunningham

14 points   Adrienne MacLagan

13 Points    Irene Orr

12 points   Carole Hill

11 points  Fiona Leitch

10 Points    Senga Rowan, Susan Ferguson, Margaret Charters, Jenny Gough,

9 Points   Edith Monochan, Jean Leitch

8 Points     Joyce McGregor,

7 Points   Pat Mill, Anne Nicoll,

5 Points    Helen MacDonald,

4 Points     Dorothy Gilmour

3 Points    Morag McFarlane, Anne Cumberland

2 Points   Gina Coleman, Gina Rennie, Eleanor Startling

1 Point    Ann Hay, Ina Cameron





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