1. All ties must be played on courses which are affiliated to the County.

2. Ties are to be played off current handicaps, allowing 3/8 difference between

the aggregate handicaps of both teams

NB Maximum handicap for any player is 28.

3. Ties are to be played under the conditions in force on the agreed date

e.g. preferred lies, mats, trolley ban, winter greens

4. Ties are to be played to “sudden death”

5. The challengers, the top names, are to offer 3 dates, 1 of which must be at

the weekend, within one week of the starting date of the next round.

If a couple do not challenge within the first week, their opponents will have

the right to challenge

6. In the event that both the challengers’ home course/s are out with the

County, they will require to play on their opponents course.

7. An extension will be given if a course is closed

8. Once dates have been arranged, every effort should be made to play the tie


Winners to report to the Vice Captain, by telephone or e-mail, contact details can be found either on the Fixture Card or on the DALCGA web site.

If there are any problems and players are unable to contact the Vice Captain, please contact the Captain whose details are to be found on the Fixture Card or on the DALCGA website.

The results will be posted on the Website.

The venue for the Final will be at the discretion of the Vice Captain.

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